Eyebrow Enhancement Tattoo

We offer microblading, ombre powder brows, hairstrokes with a machine (better for the skin long term), color corrections and removals. Taryn also specializes in immediate mistake removals, meaning if someone received poor results from another artist (aka botched eyebrows), Taryn can save them! She can remove the bad work up to five days post procedure.

If your eyebrows are uneven or thinning, permanent eyebrow makeup can save time and money on waxing, pencils, powders, and other temporary solutions to shape or enhance eyebrows. Your eyebrows won’t run in water or sweat off at the gym. Even clients with thick eyebrows can choose to create an intricate natural-looking shape enhancement which can create a map for future waxing, tweezing, threading, or other depilatory methods. This is also a great solution for anyone with arthritis (troubles drawing on brows),  impaired vision and more.

Our “fluffy eyebrows” technique taught by Nataliya Yeremenko involves natural-looking hair stroke eyebrows done with a tattoo machine that will never look like a tattoo. It involves using multiple colors to achieve a hyper-realistic natural look.

Men can benefit from eyebrow permanent makeup as well. Our “guybrows” use Hyper-Realism techniques taught by Toni Belfatto.

We remind all our clients that no two sides of any face are symmetrical. Your eyebrows should look like siblings, not twins. The most beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are never exact mirror images of each other. 

Get natural looking eyebrows you’ll love with a licensed and certified Cosmetic Aesthetics permanent makeup artist!